Monday, February 27, 2006


HONDA S 2000 (modified)

NISSAN concept car 430(modified)

unknown (auto-show malaysia)

HONDA S 2000 (modified)

HONDA CIVIC (modified)


Friday, February 24, 2006


Read a front page Artcile on Times Drive , a suppliment with the Times of India dated February 24th 2006, Friday.
Here's my take on the 3 cars from the mid-range segment..

Hyundai Accent

This beauty has not yet gone down. Capturing Indian markets in this segment requires some tough asks and some important questions answered. With a mind blowing fuel economy in Diesel variants(close to 17 kmpl on highways) this car has certainly impressed car analysts. And with a very safe and well-built cabin with all the luxuries a mid-range car can provide, this car has impressed one and all. Though this car is the most old of the three it has not yet been written off. The VIVA variant adds life to this segment and the Indian youth was totally awed by its compact yet sporty design. But I certainly feel that it needs to be revamped and Hyundai should now better it as they have done for the Hyundai Santro eRLX. The current Accent has a 1.6 L powerful engine which delivers from the word 'GO' and it gives you the feel of Power on the Urban traffic. The highway is a touch risky with the Accent because it is quite smooth and requires you to keep a firm grip ont he controls. A little here and there can cause the car to go out of control. Personally a great CITY car and a fuel efficient delight.


This beauty has got some treatment from the Honda designers and is ready again to take on the market. Though I feel it will face some tough challenges from others but getting itself close to the design of Honda Accord from the back was a very good idea as it adds to the beauty and also gives you the feel of a much more expensive variant of the same company. Alloy wheels and a better front bonnet just adds a new variety to the already popular City. The car has become a rage in the Upper middle class segment and has delivered to the promises kept by the 1.5 L DSI engine. Another car which is a pleasure to drive on city roads but gives less mileage in Petrol. This I think is the only hindrance in the car but neverthless when you see what feature it provides from the inside your point of view will get a serious jerk.

The new features this lady's got are at par with luxuries that other cars won't even think of providing for this segment of cars. The car has gotten thumbs-up from the Indian customers as well as the Malaysian customers and is the numero uno car in ASIA in this segment. A fantastic pick-up, smooth gear shifts and full control of the vehicle par 100 mph are some of the features that have really impressed me. Definitely a beauty for all tastes.

Now the VTEC transmission this new lady has got ensures a better mileage, absolutely no sound from the engine on start-up and a better kick when suddenly going from 0-60. This VTEC technology will add the silver lining to this already crowned maiden. Thankfully Honda has still kept the car going with the old price and the facelift has not costed the buyer any remorse on the Pocket side.



This new mid-sized car after Ford's quite popular Ikon is all ready to take on the market. Already given credit for its impeccable design an fresh new sporty lok this new product from Ford seems quite impressive. Not much happened in the starting few weeks but as soon as it got thumbs-up from car analysts and popular magazines it has taken quite a lot of the City and Accent market towards itself. This car is the only one which I have not yet personally experienced but the new look and a much needed change from the same old Accent and City might encourage the Buyer to go for. A special and youthful car backed by Abhishek Bachchan will surely make this car a one to watch out for.